A big black pawn defence.

Apr 17, 2009, 10:37 AM |

Chess the way i see it is a human error based game. Although even chess programs loose from their own when playing in demo mode.

A a strange game.
This was a 10 minute game. And i tried something new which i often do. I dont use opening books, i just bias my vision on the game a little to play in a different style. Styles confuse people. While i notice i'm getting better at end games, i wont make use of it in this game.

The game is about the middle game. The opening or end aren't special. In the middle game I took most of my oponents time, in the end I won on time, its not as nice as checkmate, i know. But in battles everything is allowed, confusing, and even planning your use of the time smarter. This game used both confusion and time.

well what is strange about this game..?
In this game i tried to build a big pawn wall defense, anything on my side i would gonna attack, unless it would weaken the pawn structure. So this became my idea while i play this game. Not all moves are commented but the general ideas are commented behind the most important ones. I wouldnt recomend to use this tactic, i think its not realy solid, but in this game it was solig enough to win, altough be it on time, by a confused oponent.