Safe from the knight

May 21, 2009, 2:00 PM |

The danger of the crazy knight.
The knight is a peace, which can jump wildly unpredictable in L shapes.
Which makes it strong for openings at in or around the center.
It doesn't strike a long beam but it can control a circle around itself.

Compared to the bishop the knight has a bigger value during the opening, but looses strength in the endgame. So exchanging a knight to get a bishop is OK, while the opposite isn't usually good, it might harm you later in the end.
Just remember Bishops become slightly stronger in the endgame.
But how dangerous is that knight ??

If it can jump ..
Where are safe you nearby a knight ?

I made a small animation to explain this for a beginner level.
And if your not beginner level maybe its still handy.
Especially if you have to deal quickly with a knight in endgames.

(updated 22 may)