The Pirc defence, and won by black (fully commented)

Mar 15, 2009, 8:32 AM |

While playing i stumbled upon some new thoughts, a typical defence of black is d6 and then later but a queen behind against knight attacks on c7. This time it went different. Later i replayed them in a chess program, and it came clear i played a Pirc defence. I blog about it as it can deal a verry standard white opening played often here (gettingĀ  2 white pawns on the center at d4 and e4.

I fully analysed this game, since the opening to me was new, overall white played quite good, it was a 20 minute game. The clock ended on my side at around 11:00 or so and white around 9:00.
Ofcourse white could have played better different but overall his movements aren't that strange, quite natural.

As usual white was a higher rated player, i like to play against stronger people, to learn from (who dont make stupid moves, i often make) so the game is more real.