two draws in a day repetition and stalemate

Feb 28, 2010, 3:21 PM |

Oh babe Lets draw again.. (or was the song lets twist again?)
GM's do it a lot, and today i had it twice, and that is.. drawing games.
And not because i gave up, the first one was on repetition.
I know i might have break out of this draw, but i wasnt sure about the risky positional game after it, so i went for a draw ending the game by repetition
As i didnt like his queen rook combination, and a draw seamed an easier end for e, and not that bad either.

In the other game, the lower one, i played aginst a much stronger player, he played verrry quickly and yeah i like that, but after some dancing on the board i came out stronger, in the end i never thought of it, it became stalemate. Such mate's are pretty rare in my chessgame collection. I realize now that if would have tought about it (we both had left about 3 minutes in a 5 min game) then i could have won that game, but it never ocured to me stalemate. It might be something to think about for a next time when i get in such a position.
I got to say i think its pretty smart he put himself into that situation like that in the end. Also i did play well (i was very watchfull to his knight defenses)
In fact despite i didnt mate, i realy enjoyed that game.. :)

so here are the tow draws,
Drawn by repetition

Drawn by stalemate.