where did you go wrong??.

Mar 22, 2010, 10:43 AM |

Where did you go wrong, something you dont often discuss with people to point them where they blundered and explain that with enjoyment to them. How different weakened computer opponents are, its a sport to figure out why they did loose (since they would win easily if they where not throttled down), so here starts a small investigation into this, as I did win some more games today.

apparently the easycomputer, makes hmm how to call it, some moves who are not preferred moves. (moving a rook sideways and so giving away advantage, it does such moves a few times in a game, i think for the moment like 3 times, I'm not sure yet). Well ..just trying to figure out how its made weak, now that i can win from these 10 minutes games. But ofcourse one needs to be able to spot such weak moves, and.. be able to use it in your advantage. As for the other moves they are OK i think, well they are not to complex as some other programs like rybka can be (and which are therefore no fun at all to play against).
So weakened computers are nice (if your not Kasparov).

The first game has i think 3 weak moments, the last game i only found 1 maybe you can spot more of them, as i'm not that supergood, allthough if i have lots of time i play a lot better. As these 10 min vs 5 min gamese proove.


Hmm i got to say i begin to like this chess engine, not to weak, not to hard, i can loose from it and win, overall it keeps me focused about good moves and bad moves, and my own blunders (like loosing a dark bishop, which was not necessary in this game)


Here another game i won today (after i lost a view of them too)
Not sure where it played weak here, i found it to be much stronger this time.
Only one weak move (when i got his knight)., but maybe there where more weak copmuter moves, if you see them let me now