white's faultless attack (commented moves) nice opening

Mar 9, 2009, 11:21 AM |

A faultless game.
I often make small mistakes during a game well dont we all. Finaly I did a game that went as suposed, in which I kept control. In the end I was a bit short on time, but I got black checkmate. With only a little bit of time left.

I was quite agresivly in white, didnt gave much chances to black, when i replayed the game in Arena 2.0.1 to analyze it, I was also a bit amazed on how many openings this game was based. I named them all.



Intresting moves :
When my knight reaches f7 in the 7th move I'm attacking both his queen and rook. Supricingly I dont take one them as instead i'm rather going for a strategic win on position to atack his king, I continou to play that game for a while until i finish off black with a checkmate at move 31.

I gave black a few times the freedom to move, but kept it short while i play for even stronger positions, around move 16 black tries (and later 20), but its of no danger. As then I allready started to make my endgame. But Still black doesnt realize it i believe. Maybe its worth to analyze even more by others, as its not yet a closed solution, as black still had some little freedom left.

The game was not rated, so i dared to play more dangerously.
The black player seams to play only unrated games, he didnt play bad.

Side effects :
A headache... Frown