Yesss.. beaten the computer.

Mar 21, 2010, 5:16 PM |

Well i usually play 5 minutes games, but my 5min  level is below of the easy-computer, even if i play it reasonable i loose from it on time.
Although i made drawing 5 min game today, thats not like wining.
I saw it also plays 10 minute games.. And yeah i won that game..
Somehow it feels good after i have challenged it a lot lately in 5 min games.

humans vs computers.
Computers make less random weird moves (most of the time) and so to me are better to find weaknesses in my own game then people, as less often those games are buildups of mistakes, becoming unreal games, only because both human players are not familiar with the game they gotten into in.
In the end playing against the computer feels more as a game training against myself.  Which is basically just that, and to win from them they need to be limited. So winning on the other-hand, one does because it was limited.
So i'm not sure if its a great victory but at least i finally had beaten it today.

here is the game