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"Do you still play chess yourself?"
Analyzing with my opponent (I'm the guy in the T-shirt). | Photo: Co Buysman.

"Do you still play chess yourself?"

Dec 21, 2017, 6:18 AM 11

"Do you still play chess yourself?" This is the question I get the most when meeting chess fans, colleagues or other people at top tournaments when I'm reporting there for Chess.com. 

The answer is: sometimes.

I hardly play tournaments these days but I do try to play as many games as possible for my club Caïssa/Eenhoorn (Hoorn, the Netherlands), which usually comes down to 6-7 games per season, which runs September-April. We're talking about the Dutch league.

Somehow, nobody ever asks me: Do I still play decent games?

The answer would be: sometimes. Once, every five years or so?

In my last game, played on 25 November, for the first time in years I played a game that is worth showing. A game that I enjoyed playing, and showing to others.

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