Achieving NM!

Achieving NM!

NM Petrosianic
Oct 1, 2013, 3:26 PM |

How to attain NM or any level of chess: play chess games and learn from them.  Use your resources: start with Google.  Now that I have answered that question for all time:

The following annotated games show how I review my games although I am likely to review parts of them in more detail than I have showed below.  This review includes a vain celebration of my success at winning some shiny red letters next to my username.  You are welcome!  Innocent

Below are my games from the Cherry Hill Open on 9/28.



Any suggestions, let me know --- I find them sooo cute. Tongue Out 

I know, unfortunately for lazy readers, the text is in the PGN.  Too bad.  Innocent

Thanks. :-)

And finally for funsies.