Chess Resources

NM Petrosianic
Mar 21, 2014, 12:23 PM |

Chess Resources:

It seems that I am not able to publish the links to these places/resources (which is annoying).  I apologize!!  But you can google based on what I've provided to find and use them!


stockfish [engine/ development versions new] * (abrok, stockfish)

ChessX [database/analysis tool] *

chess position trainer [study chess openings via flash card method]

infinity chess  [program/ geared towards computer+freestyle chess server]

SCID [chess db management system]

Branch of SCID [chess db management system [scid versus pc]

chessbase light 2009 download  [license required for use of all features, cost 50 euro, idk if still available if not i’d recommend starter package cb + buying license if you really want cb and then downloading FICGS/ICCF/LSS/TWICs [filter out 2300+] for top games/reference db]

* recommended

Chess Peeps:

website of daniel tapia [IM] --- squarology

Youtube channels:

IM Daniel Tapia  (mostly English, some Spanish content) --- squarology

IM David Pruess

IM Chris S. (mostly English, some German content, occasional foul language in blitz) --- chessexplained

IM Greg Shahade (some foul language in blitz, none in other videos) --- Greg Shahade chess

NM Jerry (IDK his content, but he is popular) --- ChessNetwork

GM Huschenbeth  (some English, mostly German) --- Nichus2012

Others:  Valery Lilov, fidechannel, Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St Louis, OnlineChessLessons, Magnus Carlsen, and ChessTVOfficial

chess dbs (databases)

games database/collections (chessgames)

the openings resource/interesting forum contributions/ excellent db of annotated games [20000 archive + 5 10 GM games per opening per month (chesspub)

Chess News

 [occasional gm annotated games] ---- chessbase news

[CM Doggers annotated + interspersed press conference players AN] ---- chess news

NIC [New in chess]

Free magazines:

[5-7 annotated games per month by titled player] --- chesszone

TWIC (The Week in Chess]  

[kramnik plays through the games so should you!]

Inactive Chess translations/forums/funnies:

[inactive but excellent russian to english articles/analyses in archives] --- chessintranslation

[mostly dead site but some good stuff there, games analysis there]

[RIP blog re: british/scottish chess]  --- chander cornered

Advanced chess

(Corr/Freestyle/Advanced/Computer assist permissed + encouraged /aka cheater’s chess) tournaments (which I’ve tried/played to play my brand of chess malarky :-) ):

[WBCCC2014 - advanced chess blitz corr championship forum/ subsection rybkaforum]

GM analysis of ongoing $20K high level advanced chess tourney --- infinity chess/tournaments/reports

ICCF/FICGS/LSS is where the high level games are at

TCEC [high level supercomputer tourneys with all the top computers/broadcast]

Servers (Besides



Chesscube [have videos you can buy with cubits/crowns, so free over time if you’re good xD]

Chess24 [an interesting developing server by Macauley Peterson I believe]

FICS (free internet chess server) [Free!  best client Winboard or Babaschess]

If can get their live chess updated [or a nice functional downloadable client, fine] and develop a good broadcasts room I believe they will be the chess hub to go to.  As it is playchess is the best way to seamlessly access instructional material via their videos if already have chessbase products [fritz/cb] although articles/blogs/videos really excellent.  ICC easier to access best players for playing if already high level player.  I’d consider the big three atm as I can see them making improvements a bit in how they do things in the times to come.

Suggestions/corrections/alternative resources, leave a comment!  Constructive comments appreciated.  Thanks!