Saturdays, "Things to think about" :Tournament Play

Mar 8, 2014, 8:26 AM |

Tournament play is probably the most exciting part of for me. Each and every tourament brings its own little excitement. The want to win your bracket and advance on to the next round, the eagerness to defeat your opponent who is 200+ points above you , and the ability to prove yourself as a solid chess player. 

One of the most satisfying parts about this site in general is receiving the gold trophy. Regardless of how your play was throughout the tournament, it no longer matters because you received the initial prize. 

I have a few thoughts to consider about tournament play. Several things I have witnessed in my 5+ years on this site(my other 3 years were on another account before I switched usern names) is that stalling is a prominent feature in tournament play. I will see opponents be online for atleast 3 hours straight , and make all their moves in their other games, yet never make their move against me because they are losing. This is the disadvantage of playing turnbased tournament chess. Although many of you will argue that each individual player should be given the alloted time (1-14 days)to make their move without any  disturbances or without angering their opponent, I respectfully disagree in this aspect. If an individual user is deliberately stalling games and it is obvious, because they are moving in every other game but yours due to the fact that they are getting smacked, I think the appropriate and respectul thing to do would be to either resign, or play the game at the regular place you were playing before you began to lose.

Then you will see these same exact users who have been losing the game for most of the way and therefore stalling so as not to lose so fast, all of a sudden make a miraculous move and put themselves in a winning position. And you know what magically happens? They begin to move at the regular pace they were moving before they began to lose. Funny how this works. 

I know their is no regulatory manner to end this "stalling," however I just wanted to throw something out there to think about. 

On my part I think this is disrespectful to the opponent you are playing and a disrespect to the game of chess in general. 

Thanks, for your time, thoughts?