Python and PGN

Mar 30, 2010, 10:28 AM |

I used to be an "IT Professional" (computer programmer with a bit of analysis thrown in) until I was made redundant a few years back and I still enjoy tinkering around with programming on my PC at home. Having recently switched over to Linux, I decided to try to learn the Python programming language that comes packaged with it.

To give myself something to work on, I thought I'd try to write a program to read the PGN format files that chess programs (and export and display the chess games. Unfortunately, the specification of the PGN format was written back in 1994 and has a few gaping holes in it so I'm having to try generating some PGN files on-line here to see how handles them.

The following chess diagram is not, therefore, from an actual game or puzzle...


Hmmm... it appears that the game editor doesn't handle one of the problems so I'll have to see if the help & support people know about the problem.