Back in action.... (pt. two)


I couldn't help but feel I really missed an opportunity in my second round game, but in a five-round single day event you have to brush things off quickly. And so I continued on after the lunch break. I had white for round three and wass playing someone whom I figured would play another Budapest. Rather than playing another grind-it-out affair, I decided to switch to king pawn for my first move. Sometimes I find this an effective "reset button" when I'm struggling or just came off a disappointing loss. My opponent missed a chance to put me on my heels when he played Qf7 instead of the more liberating Qg6. Otherwise though I was able to get a comfortable game, take advantage of my acquisition of the e-file, and eventually gain the seventh rank while he was gobbling pawns on my queenside.

Now at 2-1 I was paired against someone who had frustrated me in our three previous meetings. I had played Jim in my first Swiss tournament in 1996. Of coursee, I was a beginner at the time and he was rated over 2100. I remember that being a Borg Defense game (1. e4 g5) Jim is known for a very eccentric opening selection and this game ended up being the second time I had faced his Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. Almost embarassingly, when he advanced his f-pawn on move 14, I nearly forgot that I could take it en passant. Had that brain cramp happened I would have been in loads of trouble. I guess it was the uniqueness of the position. Fortunately I snapped too just in time and had a cozy lead throughout the game.

In the end I nearly blundered during the time scramble, but a resourceful discovered attack saved my bacon. Then he helped me out a little by missing mate in one.

Unfortunately I had to take a half-point bye for round five due to having to go to work. (Stupid paying bills and stuff!!!! Yell) A win in round five would have allowed me be enter the back door and tie for first. As it stood, I was tied for third and picked up a few of the rating points I lost from the Chess League. Now it's on to Atlanta over the holidays where I'll play the Atlanta Open in my chase for a FIDE rating. Then maybe I'll go watch Duke play in the Peach Bowl (I refuse to acknowledge the corporate overlords who have buried the traditional names of the college bowls. )