Clearances and cutting off the escape....

Feb 11, 2012, 9:37 PM |

This past Wednesday we had a three round action Swiss at RTCC. I managed 2½ out of three for my first tournament cash in 13 months. My first game was a grinding win against a lower rated, but highly coompetitive opponent. My second game was a draw against the club's top player. It looked like he was about to break through, but I was able to salvage the draw by coordinating my queen and rook on his back rank for a rare rear assault on his king.

The final game saw my opponent blunder a pawn in the opening, tangle his own pieces on the kingside, and then walk his king into the center of the board where his king had no cover. By the middlegame, I was up an exchange, so I could've just cruised to victory. However, I uncorked a really picturesque tactical shot that forces at least the winning of another exchange. Here's the position: