Round five report

Dec 29, 2012, 11:25 AM |

I was able to get a decent night's sleep last night so fatigue should not be an issue for me today as it was yesterday. Unfortunately the weather is quite yucky in DC, so it's get out and about at your own risk. I did return to form though in my first game of the day uprooting and adorable yet dangerous nine-year-old girl in round five. She wass just coming off winning an upset prize in the previous round so I wasn't about to let my guard down. (Yes, a well-trained pre-teen scares the mess out of most adult chess players.)

My opponent played one of my favorite variation to play against using the Caro-Kann, the Exchange Variation. My opponent tried to make her weakness her strength by pawnstorming my castled queenside. I was able to build pressure on her pieces in the center and it prompted her to cough up an exchange (a rook for a bishop). After that I tied up loose ends for about 30 moves and drove home the point to move to 3+0=2-.

I have another two and a half hours before my next game. So I guess I'll watch a little football.