Statesville Open - Sunday

Jun 26, 2012, 6:25 PM |

So after the proceedings of Saturday night, I was able to get a good night's sleep and felt much better for Sunday's rounds...... which wasn't saying much. I still didn't have the start to finish focus that i needed though. I got out of the gates slowly against fellow RTCC member Dereck Laureano. However I was able to use some crafty resources to turn a bad position into a drawn game. Then we both took turns making catastrophic blunders near the end of primary time control (30/80 SD/60). But as the old addage goes, "He who makes the next to the last mistake... wins."

I got away with one........ That's for certain.... But now I had something to play for in the final round against Scott Baldwin (whom I last played at the Boone Open in 2004. I got off to a blistering start in this game ignoring the pawn he was vigorously holding onto in a slightly delayed Queen's Gambit Accepted. However, when it came time to launch my attack, I really botched the opportunity. Once he went up a piece he was easily able to avoid my meager attempts at traps, and claimed the win and the share of the under 2000 class prize that went with it.
So ended my tournament. What could've been. Ulitmately though.... given the body of my work all weekend.... Two out of five is a just result. I simply didn't have "it" this weekend....