Underpromotion for mate / How I became Coach Pig

Aug 22, 2015, 6:29 PM |

When I told one of my students recently that I won a game using an underpromotion for checkmate he wanted me to show him the game. Unfortunately I lost many of my game scores while moving from Raleigh to Cary in 2007 so I could not find this game. I remembered that the game was on the South Carolina Chess website and was able to retrieve it. I forgot that my opponent resigned on the move before mate but it was a forced move soooooooo........ I'm counting it.....

The same weekend I took a bye in round two of the South Carolina Open to go to Charlotte to play in a Fake Copper Blanket. I ended up tying for first in that tournament and finished with 3.5/5 in the SC Open.

On the way home, I stopped at South of the Border, a tourist trap on the NC/SC state line to pick up a card capper to use in my poker games. I found a three inch tall clay pig holding a frying pan and wearing a chef's hat in one of the gift shops. That little trinket was the genesis of my nickname "Pig".