May 28, 2008, 4:44 PM |

I just came back from my visit with gauss1181 from Chicago!

The trip was awesome, especially the muffin deliveries.

gauss1181 and I travelled around the city to deliver muffins. Many of the customers were often proud, realising how nice and friendly of a couple we are. As Drury Lane lovers, we stood proud.

As you might have remembered, I left the bakery at around midnight to leave for the airport, where I flew to Chicago. When I got there, the weather was pretty hot compared to that back in London, but it was a nice day, though it rained at night. I first paid a visit to gauss1181 and his family. (He had a lovely Chinese family who is entirely mathematician-type) And guess what? When he first greeted me, he actually asked me for a muffin (and a math problem) so that he could keep his daily business in good shape. I did so, delivering a math problem which Muffy was always curious about. It was the one that caused gauss1181 many nightmares in which he always screams at night trying to solve it but never does so. I tried to convince him like this: relax, eat a muffin, life would be better. He felt better. On Memorial Day (Callie you might remember this) I was in shock to find gauss1181 angry. His computer was slowing down, but I (as a good tech expert) helped him to fix the Internet speed problem. That made him feel better so I gave him ANOTHER MUFFIN as a reward for being so happy with me. However, he was also angry that his favorite math game, AoPS FTW, was down on Memorial Day. He wanted to play FTW so badly that I was upset to find him crying that morning.

To make him feel better, we hung out at Navy Pier together. gauss1181 enjoyed riding the Ferris Wheel, going on boat rides, etc. At the same time, I had a wonderful event while I gave everyone my autograph and some people even greeted me by having a picture taken with me, as Muffy's beloved client baker.

Yesterday and today, gauss1181 was at school. While he was, I took care of business by serving some luscious muffins to his family and chatting with them to learn a bit about their background. They were two nice days of socialisation, meeting and greeting, and love and friendship.

Sadly, this morning was the time I had to depart. I said goodbye to my lovely math buddy, and slowly left Chicago on the airplane departing from Midway.

I still enjoyed my adventure in Chicago. =)