My All-Time Favourites...

May 14, 2008, 7:40 PM |

These are some of my favourite things in life....

Favourite food: MUFFINS! (very obvious)

Place: Drury Lane

Computer app: THE INTERNET

Website: Friend: HieMuffinMan

Text Smiley: =D

Hobby: Working in the bakery

Sport: Baseball

Place to visit: Anywhere in the United States, Germany, Russia, China

Math Contest: NONE!

Song: The Muffin Man

Artist/Music Band: Frank Zappa

Girl: owenscowens =D (NO SURPRISES PEOPLE!)

Muffin: HieMuffinMan!

Type of Book: Cookbooks Theme: Wooden Chessboard

Helicopter: The Muffin Man

Chess Game: Good morning (from RedSoxpawn) Game Trophy: Good Game Fun Trophy: Have Some Breakfast

Best Friend: HieMuffinMan 

...and more!