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My Chess.com experience.

My Chess.com experience.

May 23, 2016, 8:12 AM 0

I play chess since i have about 10 years old. On my school maybe i was the one interested on the game. My teacher congrats to me, but i didn’t understand why, i was very shy (yet ;)). By then i was to a chess class on San Bernardo town hall, the town near home. Someboy gives me a chess set but few familiars liked to play. On that’s time there are no information about chess clubs, books and places to play. I lived really far from city and i was a boy.


I grow up, go to lyceum and university, do many things but play few chess. So my practice and knoledges was poor. Despite that i was interested on engineering and computing, games and algorithms. Las time my interest again has returned to chess, the question it’s about what’s the key to win?


So i read about the grandmaster, some books and the chess robots, similar games and the history. With my litle brother we play and i teach what i can. The results are evident, we increase our performance on work and school, the concentration levels are superior and finally we are better on chess.


I enter to chess.com looking to play with real people, now i think it’s the better online place to play, because the light interface, the technology and annalisys system. So i put in practice some ideas around how to play, i what the key it’s the area and workgroup.


In the next post i think i will put my annotations with a scientific aproach to share with you.

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