Chess 960: refreshing!

Sep 18, 2012, 4:44 PM |

Coming back to playing chess after decades has a strange effect to me. I started playing and... I found myself digging in my memory to recall openings, attack and defense schemes and so on. My memory didn't help me much as too time has passed from my chess age and I came to realize that my opponents are actually applying those schemes...  I do recognize them slowly and... at my age (53) I had an epiphany: a chess player mostly plays repeating over and over again well known schemes! It's like to play a memory game instead of a strategy one Frown

Then I saw the Chess 960 option and... it's great! So refreshing! It's an almost schemeless approach where it's really hard to try to play by memory: you really have to think with your brain Laughing

So, I'm initiating my kids to C960, and I really hope that this will take a bigger place in the chess community Wink