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Chess and Answered Prayers - Thus this Two have in Common?!

Chess and Answered Prayers - Thus this Two have in Common?!

Apr 7, 2012, 4:33 AM 0

Is this two really has in common: chess and prayer? For me, I had always combined this two thing - the other one (chess) in action at the board while the other one in silent utterance as the game progress whether it is friendly or rated game.

Did you know that an answered prayer of mine while playing chess, a silent prayer has positively reach the heavenly throne of God - that moment was a game of my life with Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao the Eight Division World Boxing Champion in person exchanging  pieces and threatening each others king in chess play. Although their were many people surrounding us as we play I manage to upset him turning everyone to surprise and amazement. As I know 'the Pacman" was still in the beginner's stage which if he will pursue could develop to advanced level.

Anyway, as we all know 'the Pacman' had been busy sharing the good-news of Gospel by sharing it through television network in our country this past week, even commemorating the coming holy week this Catholic nation do traditionally as expected. 

In the progress of our chess game played before  -  an utterance of mine had been answered while playing chess over the board, God above heard a whispered of mine that 'Pacman' will know Jesus as Lord and Savior. He knows actually that I'm a pastor focusing on mission ministry. As we play or when the chess game progress - he often recite verses in the Bible as everyone that surround were amazed in his memory to expound it. Giving encouragement and sooth everyone spiritual discernment whether born-again or skeptical.

  It is an enjoyment of a pastor to hear him (Pacman) voicing those Bible verses among the crowd that were in that hotel room. Personally, a chess game was done and an utter prayer was heard above or reach the throne of God Almighty!

More of my personal blogging will be post, particularly chess and life affecting me and my games or thoughts that touch me to write more.

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