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chess n 'blood' letting...

chess n 'blood' letting...

Dec 4, 2008, 12:14 AM 2

hi to all, 

I had have posted in my friendster account about 'blood letting donation' also and so to this site also that I may help a dear sister of mine in  the Assemblies of God family yesterday, who's father had to be operated in the abdomen for a heart 'by-pass' operation in the Philippine Heart Center located in East Avenue near Quezon city hall. Why did I write and post this message because I know personally that its hard to gather blood donors as well as the donors has to be exam first and then be qualify to share his/her to the recipient. Actually, it is already my fourth time to donate blood like that and every time I went to the hospital where the patient was admitted, my thoughts and prayer that many should be aware and be able to volunteer to share their blessing by donating blood if they can and qualify. I was in the said hospital for almost four hour just to help and donate my blood.  

It's quite another thing that you know you have share somethings to a person when he/she direly need it and your capable of doing so. Later that afternoon I've learn that my friend's father was in ICU after the operation and recovering up to this time. 

Another thing I learn is that it is helpful to the donee physically and many advocate group are urging any community to do so.

God bless you all, it is blessed to be a blessing! 

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