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downward thoughts?!

downward thoughts?!

Apr 8, 2009, 2:50 AM 2

... why somehow a chess player has to struggle, fight for himself and want to survive when he is down and upset whether in the game of life or in a game of chess, but you know their is a warrior inside of you intimate and alive kicking to fight willing to be not stopped, killed and smashed as you go on taking each day a survival or deep sense of wrestling that you are living and helping to see that somewhere a winning score is tallied... in short  - you are surrending to play chess anytime now, but love, hope and faith keeps you breathing to think and dream the whole chess board prepared and chess clock beginning to tick and start as you begin to pen down your opponent's name... in short  -  your now palying in a chess tournament with fire and big expectations...

thus the downward trend was overcome by yourself and let other see you making moves in a blitz, rapid or blind-folding chess games... in short  -  a smile and a new day has arrive...

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