NM M. Maga R.I.P.

Dec 30, 2011, 10:06 AM |

The Demise of NM Maga...

Jut this lunch time today (Dec. 30) at Victory Mall in Caloocan city, I was talking to Ernie Baltazar a long time friend and chess aficionados (former staff or officer of the de-bunk PCF) was relaying to me the sad state of the demise of National Master M. Maga. He (Ernie) was telling me that before his (NM Maga) death by a stroke or heart attack, the late NM has to go to personally to friends and people whom he knows just to solicit their money for help in purchasing the needed medicines which was even in his sickly appearance NM Maga has to walk and ask their help or money donation..

How many chess national master or titled player had have to die this way without the help from our government institutions dedicated in sports that knowingly about this issue of NM Maga case has reach to an NCFP officials which directly oversee chess program in our country and do nothing to ease his suffering? Does we have to deny a decent help or assistance to a wood pusher that mostly of nowadays chess player has known him (NM Maga)?

I was really saddened by this report of Mr Ernie Baltazar about NM Maga as I vividly remember a of this man (MN Maga) in one of our chess game encounter at Baclaran Chess Tourney long time ago which I answered his 1. e4 with 1...Nf6 where Alekhine's defence follows through and ended in 1-0.

I will never forgot that game!!