Thanking for Almost 4 Years as Member...

I double check the date of my being a member of this site and was surprise to see and know that it is almost (4) four years now that I'm enjoying this site playing chess. It is amother thing to give thanks and due honor for those who concieved this chess site and make it possible for chess fanatics and addicts as well to enjoy belonging to this group, making friends, having chat time and reading up-to-date chess news around the globe made possible to a common member.

I will someday be made a regular member or even a life time member giving my dues and payment as possible with in my credit card available. But for this time I just enjoy my being a free member and hope so they will erase me in the list, while tryingto be regular member. I know it will take a money for me personally to pay the dues in this site but will make sure I will do so.

I really appreciate and thanks to those who are in the Admins and people behind working in this site to extend my gratitude - quo dos. Hopefully this message and expression of thanks will reach to them as I continue to suppport their efforts and improvements. Even this blog of mine hope to encourage others chess player here to do so giving honor is due...

More power  and Godblest!




  • 3 years ago


    Thanks MercyMe...

  • 4 years ago


    thanks MercyMe...becuase of my work as a caregiver and daily duty, I seldom write blog and updates about my play here at, but anyway I will make it possible to write and share thought about chess games, personalities and interviews in the coming months...Godblest!

    Hope to hear from you soon..

  • 4 years ago


    Cool message. Thanks for putting it up for people to read. You are a good human being. You don't have money for support but you have a heart for the game and gratitude for those that made this possible.

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