The Ten Chess Commandments

The Ten Chess Commandments

Mar 29, 2012, 4:15 AM |

If there are ten commandments in business, church, institutions and military organisations - why not in chess?!

So these are the Ten Commanments in Chess:

1. Thou shalt have to play chess only and no other mind games to have.

2. Every time you play chess  - just focus, play and do chess only whether in tournament play or friendly one.

3. Do not swear and demean chess at all time even you are in a losing streak or in bad state.

4. Let your parent or guardian know that you play chess whole-heartedly and will love them in supporting you all the way.

5. Never steal a chess book but buy or photocopy for your own used only.

6. Do not envy if the other chess player won a game or the tournament.

7. Do not cheat in any chess game friendly or official game.

8. Chess is not only a game but will return good result to you if you play good game.

9. Never discourage a chess player but encourage them.

10. Be a good chess player always and friendly to all chess player.

This only a draft of my ten commandments of chess that is to be re-written as soon  as possible.

Enjoy, love and be searching for more brilliancy in you chess games...