Rules to "Strip Blitz Chess" (for the matured audience)

Rules to "Strip Blitz Chess" (for the matured audience)


As an average chess hobbiest, I can find myself completely obsessed with chess; however and (possibly) unfortunately, I sometimes find myself feeling that chess can be tedious and boring. And so, due to my natural bias towards the game, I aspired to find a way to make chess more interesting for myself. Here were a few thoughts that I came up with and ideas you may find certain interest in if you are unfamiliar with the different forms of chess:

(1) OTB (over the board)- Just my opinion, but I find the experience to be very different compared to the online experience in which I can casually and socially interact with my opponent.

(2) Chess 960- Essentially chess without the memorized and repetitive openings

(3) Blitz- Raise the stakes by limiting the time controls to 5 minutes or less


(4) Bughouse chess- the ultimate 2v2 version of chess that borrows some rules from Japanese chess(known a "shogi") and the element of working together with a partner. In turn changing the strategy to further depths.  

While this may satisfy some, I still felt like I was playing chess. So if you are like me and you may want to play something with another layer strip chess might be the thing for you. There are many rules to strip chess. I believe the general rule for strip chess is that each piece is worth a certain amount of clothing (pawn=1, bishop/knight=2, rooks=3, etc.) 

However, the game may not "respectively" end. In my experience, both me and my partner got to a point in which we stopped and decided to skip to the good stuff (if you know what I mean :D) 

So, I ironically found myself in a stump, because sexual activity is good stuff, but I am still a lover of the adreneline that comes from chess. I am sure many of you can agree that, in many cases, the adrenline comes when things becoming "risky." Like in a classical game, the rating becomes a risk factor. Blitz takes chess into a riskier form because there is not enough time to commit to plan and you end up playing moves that you cannot be confident and therefore there is the addition of higher chances of making mistakes. But in my specific case, my partner and I were willing (or rather desired) to strip so the adrenline was absent. Is there a way to incorporate blitz and strip chess?

There are no official rules, but I decided I could share my ideas of how this could work... that is also to say that this does not have to take the form of strip chess but a normal blitz match with additional depth. I welcome all to share their ideas and critiques or experiences on the comments section below!!



You will need one chess board with pieces and a customizable clock. If you are missing a clock, there are many free apps on the android and apple store for chess clocks.


Each player starts with 10 Health Points (HP) or if you are playing the strip version each player has 10 pieces of clothing. The objective is to reduce your opponent to 0 HP. Players play consecutive blitz games to damage the opposing's HP by winning. 

Time Controls

The time controls start for bother players at 10 minutes; however, this can change if a player wants to wager to do more damage.


Before each blitz game, players wager the amount of damage they want to place for mintues to be taken off their clock. For example:

With 10 minutes on the clock a player does 1 damage to the opposing's HP if they win the game, 2 damage with 9 minutes, 3 damage with 8 minutes, and so on.

Another way you can think of this is that you place 1 more damage than the amount of time you are taking off your clock.

So virtually, although not advisable, the game can end if one player decides to wager 9 minutes (meaning they have 1 minute on the clock) and wins. 

In the wagering process, before a game, players state their wager and may NOT take back their decidion. The player to state their wager first is the player with the white pieces. The reason white wagers first is because this gives black a deciding factor for his/her wager-- leaving black at an advantage when placing wagers. For example, if a (confident) white player were to wager 7 minutes, leaving 3 minutes on the clock, then black may make the decision to wager 5 as opposed to wagering 1 because of black's chance to place some damage with white's significant time handicap.

Handicap vers.

If your opponent does not feel they are fighting on an even plain, one can place a handicap by simply giving more HP to the other; however, the HP should be respective to the time controls. Meaning if a player starts with 15 HP, they start with 15 minutes on the clock. 


All in all, I hope this can spice up your romantic kinky side while satisfying your cravings to play chess with someone you love, or care about. The idea of wagering is supposed to add the element of a player to control their horny levels or to not get too greedy. 

Unfortunately, I am in no position to try this out, but I would like to know your experiences (please not too detailed) were like or thoughts on the rules. Likewise this mode of a blitz match can be played with a friend (of course) minus the stripping in place of damage counters instead!

 Happy Chessing