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Annotated Dragons

Annotated Dragons

May 9, 2014, 2:32 PM 1

A few more of my recent slow games, all played at 45|45 time controls. Most of them were played as part of a slow swiss tournament, though I think I have a few from a 1-2 pairing tournament too.

The first one I played the white side of a hyperaccelerated dragon against a much stronger player. I allowed him to equalize, but my knight was glorious and my plan clear. A blunder by him allowed me to take the win with a very pretty checkmate.

The next game I had the black side of an accelerated dragon, which he tried to meet with a yugoslav attack. Of course the whole point of the accelerated dragon is that you can't really meet it with the yugoslav, and so I played an (admittedly inferior) trap that won me a pawn and gave me a rock solid endgame, which I converted without too much trouble.

Game three I messed up my Maroczy move order, and dropped a pawn. While a draw was still possible, the psychological blow meant I didn't have great focus, and I soon made another blunder and resigned.

In the fourth game, I played the King's Gambit, and finally got a mouse slip blunder in my favor. I was probably a little worse at the time, but it was certainly a close game.

The last game I woke up really early to play, but I was happy I did. It was a very complicated fight, with chances and errors on both sides, but unfortunately his pressure became too much and I let it slip out my fingers. Still, it was a very tense, exciting game, and probably my favorite of this batch.
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