Critical Assessment

Mar 7, 2014, 4:27 PM |

Some more online games I've played recently. The first one is a King's Gambit where I end up castling queenside (!!) and nearly get him. The endgame reached is extremely close, but then I miscalculate and lose it all.

The next game is a Caro-Kahn Advance Variation where I am clearly better through most of the game. However, in a push to get a glorious knight on f6, I sacrifice the exchange (I don't think that was a mistake), but then blunder and end up with two knights versus two rooks and open lines.

The final game is a 45|45 game played in lieu of my actual Slow Chess League tournament game. I messed up the opening and lost a piece for a few pawns. However, his king was weak, and I managed to claw my way back into the game, especially thanks to an accidentally sacrificed exchange. I pawn stormed up the kingside, and then gave back the exchange to ensure that I could queen--though I miscalculated and nearly let him queen first! Not my best game, but certainly an exciting one. 

I hope you enjoy these games. Anything you have to say about any of them (particularly the endgame of the last one) is much appreciated.