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DHLC Weekly #27

DHLC Weekly #27

Apr 4, 2014, 12:05 PM 1

My weekly slow games included one excellent game and one terrible game. What can you do?

My first game I had the white pieces. I was playing against a Caro-Kann, which I expected, yet still managed to flub the opening and get a slightly worse position. Still, I played really strong positional chess, and was eventually able to break through thanks to his weakness on the e-file. I was really proud of this game, and it was the first online slow game I played that I was really happy about.

My second game I had the black pieces in a KID exchange variation, but I messed it up either through a misunderstanding of the position, miscalculation, or both, and ended up down a rook. I played on for a few more moves, but it was pretty hopeless, and I soon gave up.

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