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Give a Mistake, Get a Mistake (PCC G|60)

Give a Mistake, Get a Mistake (PCC G|60)

Mar 2, 2014, 12:23 PM 2

On Saturday, my friend Elias and I headed over to SW Portland to play in the Portland Chess Club's monthy G|60 tournament. Overall, I had an all right tournament; I scored 2 points out of 4, and had a much more relaxed frame of mind throughout. Still, my start was rough, and I missed some great opportunities to really take my game up a level.

My first game was against a French Defense. I realised later that, as versed in the lines as Black as I am, I'm not super strong as white. In any case, it went into a Winawer, and I got a great, probably winning position when black broke the pawn tension. However, I was too hasty, and missed a tactic that broke my center and lead to my demise. The fact that the game went for 62 moves was only due to the fact that I spent the last 45 moves trying to swindle my way out.

My second game (and my only game with the black pieces) I faced some weird 1.b3 nonsense which I didn't handle perfectly. I was worse, but by no means losing. Then, on move 13, he attacked my queen. My candidate moves were all queen moves, and I spent three minutes thinking about them all--then moved my knight instead. What is really frustrating is that when we played a friendly while waiting for the round to finish, I blew him off the board.

Game number three is the only one I was really happy with. I found myself in a Rubenstein French (I didn't think people actually played this, but never mind), kept my initative, managed my time well, and won in 42 moves.
The final game I played was karmic payback for my second game. I played a king's gambit and flubbed it a little bit, losing my center pawns--though with plenty of piece activity as compensation. Then I had a wicked set of pins, and he missed the most crucial, giving me mate in one. What goes around, comes around I guess.
So, all in all, not my best tournament, but not my worst either. Reed College paid for my entry fees, and I tied for best U1500 score, so I picked up $18 for my troubles. Now it's back to the ol' thesis; hopefully I'll get another tournament in soon. Let me know what you think, especially about my third game.

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