Some More Weekly Games

Jan 14, 2015, 8:03 PM |

My recent DHLC weekly games. The first one I had the white pieces in a Ruy Lopez where black sacrificed a pawn for some mean counterplay after the opening didn't go his way. I managed to stifle the attack, and after he dropped an exchange, the rest was a matter of technique.

For my next game, I had the black pieces in a classical dutch, my new favorite system versus 1. d4. As I'm still sort of learning it, I ended up with an inferior position out of the opening, though my opponent failed to take advantage, and I quickly equalized. He overextended on the kingside, rather than seeking play in the center/on the queenside, and my attack burst him open without too much issue.



My final game I just wrapped up an hour or so ago. I played white in a Maroczy bind, and it was a quick draw. Unfortunately, you get those sometimes, though there were a few points where I could have been more ambitious.