Why the King's Gambit is Fun (and some tournament games)

Sep 21, 2014, 4:08 PM |

Today I played in a Quad (G60|30) back in Skokie. I was in the bottom quad, and apart from my first game blew my opponents out of the water. Even tactical blunders go unnoticed when you play people in the 1000s. I need to work better on getting on a more calculating mindset, though I think I was kind of annoyed by the fact that I was playing little kids who kept talking to one another during the games. I've posted them below, along with an INSANE KGA game I played on Chess.com at G30. I need to play that opening more often.

According to the USCF rating estimater, my rating should go up to 1507. I'll update this when I find out for certain.

And now, the super fun, totally awesome King's Gambit game:

Now I return my focus to the job hunt, though hopefully I'll get a few more games in soon. I'll post my new rating here once I find it out.