For those, who are thinking.

Dec 8, 2015, 4:27 AM |


So  many  posts, blogs on  the  theme  of   the rating  level of  playing...

I  read  sometimes  useful  advices  on the development  of  tactical  thinking.

 People, thank You.

Bun  one  conclusion/question  has matured.

During  the year and a half  I was searching of people, with whom is possible not only to raise  the level of combinatorial thinking, but also interesting and nice to talk to, I realized, that unfortunately chess, as well as any other kind of intellectual activity doesn’t  make  more perfect  thinking. This is just one way of thinking. But for some reason the most people playing chess think, that  they are smarter  and more  logical  thinking.

Then  the  question "in the air"  for  here these "wise men":

In Your head never came such a simple logical thought, that the rating on the Internet  is not  related to the level  of  playing?

(I'm already not talking about the general cultural  level, no, no. This is an “atavism”, “archaic”, which today nobody cares!)

The concept of rating – abstract, conditional. Because you can always  play with a weak partner and win to raise their ratings, but your game will not improve on these primitive victories. Known fact, that if  you want to grow your skills, hone them to a stronger partner. In our context – on who has rating above your. As I understood, no need to look big difference – it makes no practical  sense: it is easier then to play with  the program.

And then the more advanced chess-players so concerned about  their  increase of the level and the rating, that they simple spit on weaker. They are just not interested. I  understand  their lack of such partners, because I faced a similar situation in other activities. But I never allow myself to neglect and rudeness. But it's not about me, but about ... chess-players. I'm just trying to understand, whether the situation  is hopeless. :-}

Very often  people  ask  me: "Oh, do you play chess! And  what's your rating ?! "

At such moments, first of all, for myself I realize, that this person just never thought about  this  not-link  the  rating  in some internet-site and  level  of the playing/thinking;

and  in  the second, I  answer: "I  play  unrated."

On the other side – shock, stupor and silence. People  don’t know, how to react to such  a  presentation  of  the situation. You know, it  looks  always very funny.

For example, personally, my  level  of  play  low objectively – it is  a  real  fact.

And  the  rating of  the Internet – is an abstract concept, because when playing with a weaker, even at the beginner rating will rise – whether it’s  an indicator of the level  of  the playing/thinking ? Of course, not.

My illusion, that chess players  are like mathematics, should  have logical thinking, destroyed. And  it's  for  the best. So I learned the difference between "logical" and "combinatorial" thinking – in the narrowest sense of  the word!

I came to chess to develop my thinking, and make it more stable, focused and logical. Something is  turns out, and  something – is  still  terrible. :-} But chess for me – it’s only one of many ways to develop myself. Not alone way.

But here, looking for people, with whom  it would  be possible  to share something else, besides :«WOW! See everybody to my best game / victory in life! What I am good done!!!",  I see,  that  it’s  almost  impossible.

But  …is it  really so difficult – to understand, that such huge resources as (yes-yes-yes, it does not need to remind me, that “it’s a thematic site” , and “look for friends and associates should be in social networks”! Don’t  repeat - it's boring!  :-) And if we talk about social networks : they turned into garbage dumps, so I personally do – here!) the most important and amazing, that we can meet, even  if only  through  the  Internet ?! Those people, who are living in different countries and parts of the world, of which, perhaps, we had never heard of! And these people probably have similar interests with you. This is so exciting! You can communicate and learn to look at life with other eyes. You can expand Your understanding of  life, of people, of  Yourselves, and ... yes, Your thinking!

But nooo. :-) We prefer to look at the numbers and the rating to discuss "how can I get more numbers?" and "recognition" of the same "digital accounter" .... who sometimes  don’t  know how to  say “Hello!” elementary. : -}

You  never  get  bored with  Yourself ?  :-}

It’s sad,  that  such a lot of  people are so blind.

But… I still believe, that there are people, for whom it’s more important the value of human life, there is someone else, behind the screen, for thousand  kilometers, with whom You can touch by minds – at the chessboard, and  by souls – in a conversation.

As we sing  in one song from  our film:

"Who are cheerful, that  laughs,

Who wants, that  will  achieve,

Who looks  for, will  always  find!"


Thank  You  for Your  attention  to my topic.


Wish You  all  the  joy  of  Life!