MAKS-2017 Air Show !

Aug 18, 2017, 9:10 AM |

5 days =

35 countries,

880 companies,

500 thousand visitors and participants,

8,300 students,

70,000 professionals,

300 volunteers,

3,100 journalists.


It was amazing! I’ll do everything, for to be in 2019 there!

Guys in a sky,

You! Are!! The best!!!


Vamos lá ?!



"The First Flight" Yak-52



Performance of the aerobatic team "Baltic bees" (Baltic Bees) 




«Falcons of Russia» Su-27



"Russian Knights" 




Su-35S :it spits on the laws of physics.

Solo by pilot Yuri Vashchuk 





Two FA T-50 (Su 57)+ Su-34 +Su-35С. 





Aerobatic team from the United Arab Emirates

Al Fursan”