To you, St. Petersburg !

Feb 2, 2016, 11:57 AM |


1.      Piter, Piter ...

You know so much, you've  seen a lot,

And all, that  I  want  to tell you -

It's just words.

Again, I buy a ticket on the train.

A little jealous and being a little upset,

Moscow at night

Is accompanying me to the train station.



2. The sky, the sky ...

Above you absolutely another sky,

Nevsky is breathing by frosty air -

Winter is coming soon.

And  I'm going, and smiling to everybody,

And I’m lifting up above the clouds,

And houses on Nevsky nod to me,

taking off  their  hats.



3.      Somewhere, somewhere

In the favorite parks summer took refuge,

And a rain is playing 

On the gutter  trumpet.

Echo ducked in the courtyards-wells,

The sun walks on the old roof,

And it’s smells of coffee, and all café

Call to them.


4.      Hello, city!

I’ll go across  the square along the cathedral.

And you have a cruiser Aurora,

And many other ships.

But I have just one guitar,

A little smoke from a samovar,

The tit in the hand , which dreams

About wedge of  shadoofs.


5.      And I live on another planet.

There's a little light, and the eternal wind.

And  like  frustrated  strings

The wires is humming.

And sometimes there is bad,

And  before dawning is so long,

Then I  leave everything as  it is,

And  back  here.


6.      Oh, this old  pavements !

They all remember, they are alive,

And every stone rider still

Believes in dreams.


And  I  by invisible  shadow

In the shabby overcoat

Under the shadow of the stars,

At  the next  time, sinking, watch,


How  they’re breeding bridges.