2-0-2 @ Drake 2nd place

Mar 2, 2010, 7:37 PM |
I had a great tournament last Saturday (2-27-10) I went 2nd place at a reserve section at the Drake Chess Festival going 2-0-2 in a section where I was 13th rated  out of 16.  I went up in material in all four games and all of them had 200+ points over me.


Here they are:

Round one was against Robert Vance a player I met for the first time and has played a friend from a local club who only has a draw for one game against him.

Round two was against David Courard-Hauri a professor from the University that the tournament was played at.
Round three was a game against Tim Killian and my first game against a 1500 for the day.  This game was actually the one of the first draws of the tournament.
Round four was played against top seed Richard Rector who just lost to the person who won the tournament (Unrated so no one knew much about his level) which was played, honestly, poorly on both sides.
The game continued in a draw, but I felt it was poorly played by both sides and know there should have been a great difference that neither of us shown with no consideration of using the time.