Cychess Part 3: Hometown battles

Dec 8, 2010, 9:47 PM |


My third and final game of the Cychess tournament was with a person who runs the club I go to, and invited me and 3 other players to go, and play at the Cychess.  I played Hank Anzis (HankAnzis) with myself playing black
I should have taken the draw offer, but I never know what to do when we are only "half-way" into the game.  I would have taken the draw, but I was a little lost and wanted to see how the game would finish since we play each other in the weekly blitz (10/2) and the time can effect the game.  At the end I wasn't up for prize unless I won since another person in my class had 1.5 and won their last game. 
On the car ride home with him, and the 3 other players, I find out I was the only one not coming back with prize money, and I had to play top boards, besides it was only $9 that I lost.