Quick Grows, Standard Sits

Aug 19, 2011, 9:20 PM |

Over the past 2 years the club I go to has held some 10/2 blitz tournaments every week trying to get newer players the taste of tournaments, while bringing the few out of town, experienced players to challenge our players.  When we started the tournaments I was ~1000 and only a few stronger players showed up, more times just playing a local 2100 or 1600 (the club's runner) for the final round for first.  Now it's cool that we get to play every week and see some out of towners who live about 30-60 miles away and we play the rounds, maybe staying after to do quicker blitz, or talk about game/45-60 tournaments people played in.

When the summer came, so did more players, and the out of town players are higher rated then the club except for the player who runs the club (who is 1600), and me (with Blitz rating 1500).  Now the players that came were around the rating of myself so I had even competition and I played most of them coming out with a win.  They ranged from 1100 to some 2100s that were there to get some nice grubs from the players under 1000 and "challenge" the club leader and me.

I currently have a positive record on all players less than 2000 that've showed up to the tournament, including a 1700 where he started off 2-0 against me and I've been able to bring it to 4-2-2 in my favor.  Him and a few other players including a 1600, and the club's host have been bringing up to a blitz rating of 1690 and I am about to break the 1700 quick rating.

Now it's a quick rating, and it does nothing for pairing in tournaments, but makes me feel that I can play surprize wins over players 200-400 pts. higher than my standard rating of 1450.  I feel it is showing the growth you can have in games less than 15 minutes (where some players say it doesn't) and I can use it for class prizes while it lasts ;).

Just because you are 1200-1400 right now doesn't mean a summer of practice can't jump you a few hundred points.