State Championship Title Game

Here is a game where I was playing for the championship of the Iowa High School state Championships.  I was at the score of 3 and my opponent was also at 3 with him having the higher rating making him have black.
I ended up getting 3rd with tiebreakers but he was thinking during the game that with how strong I was playing he would give me the draw and sharing 1st/2nd place spot and we would have a rematch at a later time with the strength I was showing: He said that I was playing 1400/1500 and was giving him the hardest problems of the day with the people he played. A reason he was giving 1400/1500 later was that I have class B attack but class D defence.
So in the end he will be going to the Denker for Iowa and good luck to the other states representives of the other 49.