Finally-A decent chess Personality test

Jan 15, 2014, 5:55 AM |

I am one of those folks who like to go on online personality tests and check what my personality is. It could be politics, colour, or just a general personality. Whatever. For all of these, I get pretty decent tests I can do. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same of the chess personality tests.

There are a lot of chess personality tests out on the World Wide Web, but only some can be rated as "average", and definitely none can be rated as "good" by my standards. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed with the material I got.

Then I got an email from announcing their new personality test. I was overjoyed. If any website can get things right, it was

I liked everything about the test. I liked how it was presented, I liked the practicality, and I liked the questions. They had a great range of personalities (Magician, Natural, Technician, etc) and can match you to a master and give you a great description. I got Technician, which was exactly what I thought I would get. A very enjoyable and accurate test from, just as I had expected.

The next time you want to check out your chess personality, go to the test made by ( I personally believe it is the best chess personality test out there, and I highly recommend it to everyone.