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Quick Checkmates

Quick Checkmates

Dec 22, 2009, 5:48 PM 1

     No, I am not going to tell you four move checkmates or or any quickie checkmates, many of us probably know most of them anyway. I am here to discuss that while 4 move checkmates or quickie checkmate are good against many beginning players they should not be the only strategy you use. Yes, I realize that most people do not base their entire strategies on these quickie moves, but I have seen a disturbing trend lately. Through viewed matches and matches of my own, some people base their entire strategies on these moves. Fortunatly, all of these players have been beginners, or at least people with lower scores. I would like to get the message out that while quickie checkmates are good when used correctly they should not be your entire strategy. I admit that I sometimes use these quickie checkmates, but I don't base my entire strategy on them. Most of the time (because odds are quickie's won't usually work) if the quickie mate doesn't work I use the pieces I have in play to my advantage, and usually win. I am not trying to criticize, I am just trying to get the message out to newer players so they don't make this easily avoidable mistake.    

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