E4? C5! My story begins...

Dec 5, 2017, 6:25 AM |


Sicilian is a good weapon against random (medium) opponent, if you know basic rules. Sicilian is not only one weapon against Master because your opponent can be ideal Sicilian or any other open-closed opening player. He plays E4 and he can be prepared for all answers to E4, he plays another move, for example, D4, and he can be prepared for all open, semi open or closed openings. I prefer D4 because I am not very good at open game or E4 openings. And my story begins not with E4-E5, my real chess story begins with E4-C5 or D4-Nf6. And I would like to continue sharing with you some personal games or important information about chess theory, openings, etc.

In the following game I played as Black ("Pordon" was my old nickname, when I played that game). My opponent made big blunder, connected with losing minor piece in the centre, and in the endgame missed knight fork. I had passed pawn, and all White pawns were blocked. Two opposite color bishops are always strong pieces in the endgame. My opponent replaced his king to my side and I controlled weak squares. I think Bc4 is not good move in the Sicilian, and many many newbies play so.


Good luck.