Tribute to GM Ulf Andersson

Tribute to GM Ulf Andersson

Oct 19, 2014, 5:10 AM |

Dear Chessfriend,

Welcome to my blog, which is a tribute to swedish Chess Grandmaster Ulf Andersson.

Ulf Andersson was in the 1970-80 always playing in all top tournaments - you all know that. On my blog I will show you how he played his positional game. Of course I will show parts of his game but I will also try to show how a patzer like me tries to play in Anderssons way.

The point being that you do not need to take all kinds of risks to try to make life difficult for your opponent. That means - no Najdorfs and stuff like that. Instead you should concentrate on the technical/positional part of the game.

See the following game: Andersson-Robatsch, Münich 1979:

I really like this game. It was not a complicated game, but white knew all the finesses in his opening and used his knowledge very well. 
You should notice what Ulf did. He did create weaknesses on b6 and e5 and then shut down all counterplay. Black could not defend after this. One weakness is often not enough to win but two weaknesses should be fine.
REMEMBER: create some weak spots in your opponents camp and you are on the right way.
If you are interested in more games from GM Ulf Andersson - you should buy
"GRANDMASTER CHESS STRATEGY". The entire book is based on games played by GM Andersson. The book is written by two germans FM Jürgen Kaufeld and IM Guido Kern. I really recommend this book.