Tribute to GM Ulf Andersson (Part 2)

Tribute to GM Ulf Andersson (Part 2)

Nov 13, 2014, 1:36 PM |

Welcome to part 2 of my Tribute to GM Ulf Andersson series.

For the average player it is difficult to be updated on the latest theory in the most popular openings. In the Sinquefield-Cup tournament we saw new set-ups/ideas as late as move 20 or later.

It is not possible for most of us to work out and remember all these lines so instead I recommend that you stick to a few openings or set-ups where you actually understand what is going on.

We all have some kind of database with a selection of games. Search the database to find a GM/IM who plays openings you like. Try to find the nuances in which your selected player plays this variation and learn!!

GM Ulf Andersson - with black against 1:d2-d4 - plays QueensGambit Declined or Bogo-indian/Nimzoindian. I too like the Bogo-indian because of the various set-ups black can chose. This makes it more interesting that you can chose how to play the game.

Ulf has played the Bogo over 125 times according to my Database so you can call him an expert.

I have analysed a lot of his games coming from Bogo-indian and what really fascinates me about Ulf,is his incredibly good tecnique which helps him to outplay his opponents. Fascinating stuff!

Now I will present to you a game from the very strong tournament in Niksic in former Yugoslavia - now Montenegro from 1983. This is also a typical Andersson games where his opponent suddenly goes astray from a seemingly equal position.

A nice game. The concept of Andersson going from middlegame to endgame is really fantastic. Most of us would not be able to find 19:.,Qf6 with a good endgame. But Andersson has seen what would happen and has assesed it correctly.

Though Nikolic is also known for his good tecnique, this time it was not enough.

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