Games from the Tom Nard Memorial III

Games from the Tom Nard Memorial III

Feb 27, 2017, 8:33 PM |

(Image: The author stands before fellow U1800 players Cicero Nelson IV and Dr. Mariano Gabriel Runco. Tournament organizer/director and Open section contender Douglas Strout is seen in the background.)


On Saturday, February 25, 2017, I played in the Under-1800 section of the Tom Nard Memorial III chess tournament. This 4-round chess tournament had a time control of 45m+10s.

Here are, in order, the player names, pre-tournament (not yet, necessarily, official) ratings, and results of the games which I played:

  • James Xiang Yang (1654) vs Joseph J. Hayes (1313) (1-0)
  • Joseph J. Hayes (1313) vs William van Ness (1504) (1/2-1/2)
  • Jerome Flowers (1458) vs Joseph J. Hayes (1313) (0-1)
  • Dr. Mariano Gabriel Runco (1706) vs Joseph J. Hayes (1313) (1/2-1/2)

I intended to, in this entry, post - with comments - all four of those games. Sadly, due to scoresheet errors, I cannot reproduce the first two games. The others are presented below.

 My pre-tournament rating was 1313. My post-tournament rating was 1388. I thus gained 75 points in this tournament. All of my games were against significantly higher-rated players. Thus, I am quite pleased with these results, although they were far from perfect.

The World Championship is only a matter of time.