Iowa RBO

Sep 24, 2008, 8:02 PM |

The Iowa Rated Beginner Open was very competitive.   A change for 2008 was that the RBO was limited to U1000 rather than the traditional U1200.  Eight players rated under U1200 played in the Reserve, but there were still 31 players entered in the RBO, matching 2007 RBO entries.  James Krouse battled Ryan Doser in round five for first place.  James came out on top and Ryan finished third on tie-breaks.  Second placed was awarded to Zachary Anderson (who had lost to Krouse in Round 3).  Two young brothers from Madison came in 4th and 5th place, Awonder and Adream Liang, respectively.  The U800 prizes went to Ziwen Zhou (1) and Nikalaus Huerter (2).  The U600 prizes were awarded Victor Khalil (1) and Zachary McGraw (2) and the U400 prizes were gathered by Benjamin Elliot (1) and Gokul Thangavel (2).  Christopher McCright and Katie Felgar gathered the U200 prizes while Andrew Heckroth (1) and Patrick Kennedy (2) grabbed the top Unrated trophies.

The tournament crosstable is available on the USCF website at:,com_wrapper/Itemid,201/