Mar 11, 2016, 5:18 PM |

*Sigh* My Aunt passed away yesterday (she was my mom's identical twin sister I was very close to)...I've lost my mom, my Aunt and yet another Aunt, my mom's twin sister all in 11 months..I'm sad, truly sad...and upset. How do you deal with losing 3 relatives in less than a year you are close to?

My Aunt was on hospice for 3 days, I saw her in ICU in the hospital and those 3 days. It was like looking at my mom...She watched my daughter when she was a baby and loved her so very much. It was like my daughter lightened her day. We both went and seen her yesterday for several hours, I helped take care of her at my cousins (her son), while there. 

I loved her so much, as I did my mom....been crying for 3 days and still wondering, how do you prepare yourself for death? Even when you know they will pass away by being on hospice, it's still just as bad and I don't think you could prepare for hurts regardless if you know they are going to die.

Visitation is Monday evening, out of town and the funeral is Tuesday. *Sigh*


I am making food for the family...and I'm hurting as much as they are.....I don't mind, because I've always been one to do these things...couldn't imagine not doing it.....

I love you Aunt Rosie......

Two songs I will hear at her funeral that remind me of her...

"It is well with my soul" by The Isaacs -

"Amazing Grace" by Celtic Woman -