Obsessive Chess Disorder

Obsessive Chess Disorder

Jan 12, 2014, 12:37 PM |

           **Do you have O.C.D?**

You know you have "Obsessive Chess Disorder" if you:

1.  Sign in on Chess.com every day.

2.  Continuously play chess while signed on.

3.  Think about playing chess throughout the day or as soon as you get home from work.

4.  Talk about your chess games in "live chess".

5.  Get angry if you are not playing up to your standards and lose games.

6.  Call yourself a "moron" or a "retard" when you are playing badly.

7.  Even though you are watching TV, you still have your computer signed on to Chess.com.

8.  During a commercial on TV, you play some blitz games.

9.  You don't eat your meals on time because you are playing chess.

10. You make sure you have a fast internet service to play "bullet or blitz games".

11. At some point, you purchase a better laptop and mouse to make your game more successful because you know it "must" be the reason you are not winning games.

12. You find yourself at home on a Friday or Saturday night playing chess instead of going out.

13. You know you have "Obsessive Chess Disorder" when you make so many excuses of why you are losing the game, (ie; excessive lag, lag cheaters, site is giving opponent extra time, mouse slip, opponents using an engine (this is never mentioned unless you are losing a game), site is causing your pieces to move and you didn't move that piece....

**I know there are several more "Obsessive Chess Disorders", so pleae feel free to share some!!**